My earliest memories include “working” with my Dad whether he was building, fixing, or maintaining something and in the process making it better than the original.  I do not ever remember taking our vehicles to a mechanic or seeing a repairman at our house.  If it needed to be done my Dad and I did it.  These make up many of my fondest memories.

I learned my work ethic from my Dad.  He was meticulous, hardworking, and never gave up until he figured it out.  He had the mind of an engineer and I learned so much from him.  Others often marvelled at his work.  I know I certainly did.  He always said, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”  That has always stuck with me and it is how I guide myself.  I miss my Dad terribly and two of the ways I honour his memory is by using his quote as the tag line for my business and continuing with the quality work that he taught me over a lifetime.

I followed in the “family business” and spent nearly 30 years as a law enforcement professional.  Throughout all of those years my Dad and I…and I alone…continued to do the carpentry, maintenance, repair, and renovation work that we enjoyed so much.  Essentially, I have a lifetime of experience with “handyman” work.

Now that I have retired from my career I am enjoying the change of pace by focusing on my new business.  I enjoy the variety that this work has to offer and I get a special thrill out of making people happy by bringing their visions to life whether its with a new floor, removing a wall, or a fresh coat of paint.